Last month it was reported that there are plans to relaunch the entire Myst collection on the PC. The good news for those who grew up playing the game is that this has since been confirmed, as a Kickstarter campaign for the Myst 25th Anniversary Collection has since been launched where players will be able to get their hands on the entire collection.

According to the developers, “To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the epic game that became your world, Cyan is offering a never-been-done-before, historical anthology of the complete series, along with some special, Atrus-approved, authentic game artifacts! The collection and artifacts will be packaged in a unique box – available only through this Kickstarter, with a limited run, for a limited time. (Seriously, the games will be available later, but the special packaging and artifacts will not be sold again!)”

So what does the collection include? This includes pretty much every Myst game that has been released to date, which includes Myst (1993), Riven: The Sequel to Myst (1997), RealMyst: Interactive 3D Edition (2000), Myst 3: Exile (2001), Uru: Ages Beyond Myst (2003), Myst 4: Revelation (2004), and Myst 5: End of Ages (2005).

However there is some bad news and that is if you game on a Mac, some of the titles released won’t be compatible with macOS. According to Cyan, “But for various reasons, maintaining some of those Mac titles now means rebuilding them from scratch – an option that, as a small indie studio, takes time or resources we just don’t have. And for games that were produced by other studios, even that option may not be possible.” The company will work towards creating more Mac compatible titles, but until then Mac gamers will be out of luck.

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