If you’re looking for a new mobile browser, Opera might have you covered. The company has launched a variety of browsers designed for mobile in the past but it looks like they’re not done in their quest to create the ultimate mobile experience. This has resulted in their latest efforts in the form of the Opera Touch.


So what is the Opera Touch? It’s a browser designed to be used on mobile, or rather it was designed to be used on mobile using just one hand. This is evidenced in its design where Opera created what they are calling the Fast Action Button. This is a button placed at the bottom of the screen that is accessible using just your thumb, and from there users will be able to switch between recent tabs and the search function.

The browser has also been designed to be quick to use upon launching because when the browser is launched, your phone’s keyboard will be brought up straightaway along with the cursor placed on the address bar, meaning that you can type a URL or start searching right away.

There will also be a new feature called Flow which syncs the mobile browser and desktop browser. This lets users sync websites, videos, photos, and more between browsers easily. At the moment the app is only available on Android so head on over to Google Play to get your hands on it.

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