Cross-platform play is a feature that seems like a great idea on paper. Imagine a game that can be enjoyed with other gamers regardless of what platform you are running on, doesn’t that sound like fun? This is something that a few developers have been working towards, such as Psyonix’s Rocket League, but it seems that maybe it just sounds better on paper.


According to GameTrack’s Q4 2017 survey, it seems that gamers don’t really care that much about whether a game has cross-platform play or not. The survey covered gamers living in the UK, France, Germany, and Spain and found that 58% of those who participated in survey felt “indifferent” regarding cross-platform play.

About 8% felt “fairly negative” or “very negative” about it, while the remaining 34% saw it as a “fairly” or “very positive” feature to have, but it seems that for the most part most gamers feel indifferent about it. This is actually interesting because companies like Sony have steadfastly refused to make games cross-platform despite everyone else being on board.

While it might seem like Sony is holding everyone back, this survey proves that it probably doesn’t matter anyway. However what do you guys think of cross-platform play? Is this an important feature you’d like to see in multiplayer games, or is it something that you feel indifferent towards?

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