When Amazon first launched its Dash buttons, it almost seemed like an April Fools joke. However it seems that the Dash buttons have proven to be a success, allowing customers to order items at a press of a button without having to go through the process of loading up the website, checking it out, and so on.

However it seems that AT&T also wants in on the action and have since launched what they are calling the LTE-M button. However it should be noted that unlike Amazon’s Dash buttons which are aimed at consumers, AT&T’s LTE-M button is aimed more towards businesses/developers who want to create their own button for their own products/services.

One of the advantages that AT&T is promising is that it does not need WiFi for it to work, because as the name has probably given it away, the button will be powered by LTE. This means that it will in theory offer more flexibility in terms of usage and placement. For example it could be installed in public locations where it could be used to call a taxi or an Uber, request for help, and so on.

It is an interesting piece of gadgetry and we can’t wait to see who will be picking it up. Also as you can see, it is powered by Amazon’s AWS so it seems that the company still wins, even against a competitor.

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