It was only a few months ago that Nest announced the much-awaited temperature sensor add-on for its smart thermostats. The company had taken pre-orders for the sensors but it has started shipping them just now. Moreover, they’re now available for purchase directly from Nest so those who have been waiting to pick one up can now do so from the Nest store or through the Google Store.


The sensor itself is not much bigger than a puck and it can be mounted on a wall. The battery can last for two years so you can mount it and then forget about it for quite some time. It then connects to a compatible Thermostat using Bluetooth LE and transmits temperature information.

The Nest Temperature Sensor can’t accomplish anything on its own. To use it, one must own the latest Nest Learning Thermostat or the Nest Thermostat E. If you have the first-generation or second-generation thermostats from the company then you’re out of luck because they’re not compatible with the sensor.

Nest is selling these sensors for $39 a pop. To provide additional value, the company is selling a three-pack for $99. However one can only get their money’s worth with this three-pack if they have a house that’s large enough to have three independently temperature-monitored rooms.

It’s now available for purchase directly from the Nest and the Google store.

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