nikon 1Nikon’s mirrorless efforts haven’t seen the greatest success, at least not compared to its DSLR lineup. Now we have heard the rumors that Nikon could be developing a new mirrorless camera system, and now it looks like the company could be slowly starting to phase out the existing Nikon 1 series.


This is according to a thread on DPreview (via Nikon Rumors) which seems to suggest that Nikon could be discontinuing the Nikon 1 lineup at least as far as the Canadian market is concerned. The thread details a conversation between the poster and a Nikon rep at a trade photo show held in Regina, Canada.

The poster noticed that there were no Nikon 1 systems displayed at Nikon’s booth and when he asked about it, the rep replied by saying, “There won’t be anything new. We’ve introduced the last of the Nikon 1 bodies.” He then asked if this meant that the system had been discontinued, in which the rep responded, “Well, it’s not officially discontinued yet.”

That being said, Nikon had previously confirmed that they would be launching new mirrorless cameras in 2019, so that much we know. However whether or not this spells the end of the Nikon 1 system remains to be seen.

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