When HMD Global officially announced the Nokia X6, its availability in international markets was questioned given that the handset was announced in China. A subsequent report from NPU later revealed that the handset could be exclusive to China, but now it looks like HMD might have had a change of heart.

In a tweet by HMD’s Chief Product Officer Juho Sarvikas, he conducted a poll on Twitter that basically gauged how interested customers were in seeing the Nokia X6 launch in other markets besides China. Based on the poll which involve 8,527 votes, it seems that a whopping 92% said that they would love to see the phone launch outside of China, while a meager 8% said no.

Now it is unclear if this is necessarily a guarantee that the X6 will launch outside of China, but according to a subsequent tweet by Sarvikas, he said that the “vote is conclusive”. At the very least we suppose HMD now knows that there is a huge interest in the handset launching outside of China, but whether or not they’ll actually do it remains to be seen.

It’s not surprising that there are many who have expressed interest in the Nokia X6. Its full screen design and sleek body is reminiscent of high-end smartphones from competing brands, but given mid-range specs, it also came with a mid-range price that was pretty decent for what you got, giving it the potential to be a value for money handset with an excellent design.

In any case only time will tell if HMD does indeed plan to launch it internationally, so if you were one of the hopefuls, keep your fingers crossed!

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