A couple of days ago, HMD Global officially announced the Nokia X6. The initial launch was made in China which had some wondering about its worldwide availability, but then again given that HMD sometimes announces phones in China before the rest of the world, we suppose it was only a matter of waiting.


Unfortunately that might not be the case, according to a report from NPU who claims that based on a tip that they’ve gotten, the Nokia X6 might remain exclusive to the Chinese market. It goes on to state that HMD could be launching two more X-series smartphones, the Nokia X5 and the Nokia X7, although unfortunately their specs are unclear at this point in time.

If the rumors are true, it would be a bit of a bummer as the Nokia X6 is actually a pretty sleek-looking handset with a full screen display, similar to what we’ve seen other handset makers introduce to their high-end flagship phones. Granted the X6 doesn’t pack particularly high-end hardware, but like we said, for its price and for its design, it’s actually a pretty decent handset.

It is possible that either the Nokia X5 and X7 could feature designs similar to the X6 so we guess we’ll just have to wait and see. HMD has confirmed that they are hosting an event on the 29th of May so perhaps we will learn more about these phones then.

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