Smartphone cases are sometimes seen as a necessary evil of sorts. There are some who argue that with the amount of work designers put into designing a phone, covering it up with a case seems counterintuitive. However ironically enough the design of smartphones these days has resulted in them being more fragile compared to our feature phones, which results in the need for cases.

However some case makers go above and beyond when designing them, such is the case with Russian accessory maker Caviar who have recently started selling an iPhone X case priced at $4,500. Yup, this is an iPhone X case that it more than four times what the phone itself is worth. Dubbed “Tesla” (nothing to do with the car company), this is an iPhone X case that is powered by solar.

The case itself was announced last year but now it looks like it is finally available. It features a solar panel on its back with feeds into a dedicated battery which then charges the iPhone X at the press of a button. It is unclear if the case is removable because it will be sold attached directly to the iPhone itself. It will feature the use of carbon fiber and also a shock-resistant solar panel.

The base model which features a 64GB iPhone X is priced at around $4,500 while the 256GB model will retail for $4,800. It will be a limited run with 999 units, where it was originally planned for 99 units but apparently there was a greater demand than expected during development.

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