UPS stands to gain a lot from ditching fuel-powered trucks in favor of those powered by electricity. It’s no surprise that the company has teamed up with Arrival, a technology company based in the United Kingdom, to develop a fleet of 35 modular delivery trucks that are powered by electricity. It’s going to start testing these rather futuristic-looking delivery trucks before the end of this year.

The trucks are lightweight with a battery range of just over 150 miles or 240 kilometers. The company points out that the range of its new trucks is higher than the existing electric vehicles used by logistics companies today.

It has actually been working with Arrival on this project since 2016 and now has more than 300 electric vehicles and almost 700 hybrid electric vehicles on the road in the United States and Europe. Since the new trucks are powered by electricity, there will be no tailpipe emissions. Drivers will have access to advanced technologies as well which include a new vehicle display and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems to improve safety and reduce fatigue.

They look quite futuristic as well with their wraparound front window which provides drivers with a wider view of the road. UPS has said that it’s going to start testing its fleet of 35 modular electric delivery trucks in London and Paris before the end of this year.

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