Whether or not we will see success in having net neutrality rules reinstated remains to be seen, but until then it looks like the state of Washington has recently passed a law which introduces its own net neutrality rules. What this means is that any company that sells broadband internet will have to publicly disclose their practices.

This includes things like network management, where they will need to be publicly available and easily accessible. The bill reads, “A person engaged in the provision of broadband internet access service in Washington state… may not: Block lawful content, applications, services or nonharmful devices, subject to network management; impair or degrade lawful internet traffic; engage in paid prioritization.”

Washington is not alone in trying to protect its residents from the net neutrality rules repeal. Other states such as New York and Montana have introduced similar rules. There are also others such as US Senators who are working to try and overturn the FCC’s decision, not to mention there are also tech companies who are interested in keeping net neutrality.

That being said while a state-level set of rules is welcome to those who live in the area, it is clear that not all states are following suit which can create a complicated business environment, plus those who live in states that don’t have their own rules could be left out.

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