The problem with speakers that are always listening is that you sometimes can’t be sure what could trigger it, which in some instances has resulted in some pretty creepy situations. Unfortunately it seems that these are instances that people might need to get used to, according to a report from Metro.

According to the report, Shawn Kinnear, 30, told the publication that out of the blue, his Amazon Echo device suddenly spouted the words, “All I see is people dying”. According to Kinnear, Alexa is in the living room. “I had Amazon Prime on TV but it was paused. An Amazon Echo, similar to the one which declared that it was seeing dead people. I walked back in from the kitchen and she made her statement. It was a long statement so I listened then was like, WTF, it said nothing else. I then asked Alexa to repeat the statement and she said she did not understand.”

Amazon has yet to respond to what might have caused Alexa to say those words, but according to Tom’s Guide, they have speculated that Alexa could simply be saying the title of the song, “Everytime I Close My Eyes (All I See is People Dying)” by Digital Reality. Either Kinnear or someone else in their home might have accidentally said it to get Alexa to repeat it.

Either way whether it was an accidental trigger or not, we have to admit that it must be very disconcerting for anyone at home to suddenly hear something unexpected.

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