Apple is a company that loves to do everything themselves if possible. The advantages to this are pretty obvious since it could mean lower costs in the long run, removes the uncertainty of whether or not the relationship between Apple and the other company turning sour, and also greater control over specifications and features.


This is why when we heard the rumors last year that Apple could be looking to develop their own power management chips for the iPhone, it didn’t really seem like a stretch of the imagination. Now it looks like Apple’s progress on their own power management chips are well underway, or at least that’s what’s being speculated according to a report from The Financial Times (via 9to5Mac).

The report includes a statement from Dialog (the company that Apple sources from) in which the company’s CEO confirmed that Apple has reduced the number of orders from their company by as much as 30%. The company’s CEO also goes on to add that he expects there to be further reductions in 2019.

While it is possible that Apple could have found another supplier, this does fuel the rumors that Apple could be making their own power management chips and are now phasing out Dialog’s chips slowly. Earlier this year Dialog stated that they will still be doing business with Apple, although this recent report reveals that it might not be at the same volume as before.

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