It’s no secret that Apple is banking it big on augmented reality (AR) and according to a report from Reuters, they are expected to debut new AR features next week at WWDC 2018. According to the report, one of the rumored AR features that they will be debuting comes in the form of iPhone-to-iPhone AR.

What does this mean? Basically it’s AR collaboration, where two people can share data with each other so that they can see the same virtual object in the same space but on separate devices. This could come in handy for designers who might want to share ideas with a client or get feedback from colleagues where they’ll be able to view the same content and not have to crowd around a single iPhone.

However as Reuters points out, this has raised some questions about privacy as it means that people could scan homes, locations, and who’s to stop them from sharing it publicly, right? However this is where the iPhone-to-iPhone thing comes in, which sounds a lot like AirDrop where it might only be usable when two iPhones are in proximity of each other.

It is unclear as to how this feature will work, but if the reports are true then we guess we will find out soon enough next week.

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