With BioWare now focusing on the upcoming Anthem game, we’re sure that many  gamers are probably wondering what will become of the Mass Effect franchise. The previous Mass Effect release was not the massive success that BioWare and EA had hoped for, resulting in the franchise being put on hold.

So the question is, is the franchise dead? According to a report from WWG, it seems that is not the case and that the Mass Effect franchise is still very much alive and well. Their source was quoted as telling them, “Oh, no. Mass Effect is definitely still happening. That franchise is much too valuable to EA for them not to do anything with it.”

It makes sense that the franchise has not been killed off given that it has such a massive and loyal following, and it’s also fair that BioWare would want to focus on their latest launch. Last year BioWare’s General Manager Casey Hudson had also stated that he hopes to be able to work on it again, all which points to signs that the studio is definitely still very much interested.

There is no word on when we will see a new Mass Effect game, but Anthem is currently set for a release in 2019, which means that it’s probably only after Anthem’s release that we expect BioWare would start to look at a new Mass Effect title.

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