The original Mass Effect trilogy was a beloved one, which is why anticipation and hype was high for the next installment in the franchise. However Mass Effect: Andromeda did not quite live up to expectations, and while it wasn’t a terrible game, there were issues plaguing the game that did hamper the overall experience.

So much so that it seems that maybe BioWare thinks it’s time to stop milking the franchise for all its worth. According to a report from Kotaku, their sources have told them that BioWare has decided to put development on future Mass Effect titles on hold. They even downsized the BioWare Montreal offices and turned it into more of a support studio rather than a full-fledged one.

As Kotaku points out, this by no means indicates that BioWare will be killing off the franchise. Given how popular it is that would be rather silly, but instead it seems that BioWare could just be collecting themselves and using the downtime to think about how they can approach it again, as opposed to just rushing out a sequel to Andromeda.

When reached for a comment, the company neither confirmed nor denied the report which doesn’t really tell us much. In any case it seems that if you wanted a new Mass Effect game, you might have to wait quite a bit.

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