Spotify has various deals with carriers around the world, where there are some countries where carriers will offer subscriptions to Spotify at a cheaper price and also not count Spotify’s data towards their data plan. However this is largely dependent on where you stay and also which carrier you use.

However Spotify could be exploring some options of their own, at least according to a recent survey in which the company is asking its customers about the idea of signing up for Spotify’s own data plan. The questioned posed to customers is whether or not at $30 a month, would they be interested in an unlimited data-only plan that also came with a subscription to Spotify Premium?

Now we should point out that this is only a survey question and it is in no way an indication that this is something Spotify is developing. The company could very well be interested in such a plan, but whether or not it’s in development is anyone’s guess, so try not to read too much into it for now.

However if such a plan were to come to fruition, presumably it would be an MVNO kind of setup, similar to how Google’s Project Fi works. That being said, at $30 a month for an unlimited data plan with Spotify Premium, do you think that’s something you could see yourself paying?

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