There are many factors that movie studios take into account when considering whether or not to pick up a script to a movie. Naturally the content of the script matters, meaning its story. Then there is also whether or not such a story is marketable, then there is also who is the person who wrote the script, like whether or not they have written scripts for successful movies in the past.


However given that humans are the ones who end up making the decisions, sometimes they can be made in error which results in movies that flop. However according to the founder of AI company ScriptBook, this could be avoided in the future by using AI. In fact they are citing an theoretical scenario in which Sony Pictures could have saved themselves a ton of money between 2015-2017 if they had used the company’s AI to decide whether or not to greenlight certain movies.

The company claims that its technology had retroactively identified 22 out of 32 Sony movies that lost the company money, suggesting that it is fairly accurate at what it does. How it works is that the script is uploaded into the system, in which it will then return results that will be able to predict the MPAA’s rating, analyzing the characters, target audience, and so on.

That being said whether or not movie studios will want to adopt such technology remains to be seen. After all sometimes some movies that shouldn’t work up working, and some movies that shouldn’t fail end up flopping.

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