Multinational corporations such as Apple are required to comply with the various laws of the countries that they operate in. This can get tricky as it means that sometimes the laws of a country can go against the company’s own policies and values, a sticky situation that Apple has found themselves in over in India.

It has gotten to the point where Apple’s iPhones could end up getting banned from being used on the country’s communications network. However now it seems that Apple could be having a change of heart because according to reports, the company could give in to the demands of the Indian government and acquiesce to their request for a government-sanctioned DND app into the iOS App Store.

For those who aren’t familiar with this story, basically the Indian government wanted to release a DND app for smartphones in which it would allow those living in India better control over spam calls and text messages. However the app that was proposed apparently violated Apple’s own user privacy policy, which is why the company had resisted the government’s demands.

However like we said, Apple has since had a change of heart and a new report is claiming that Apple is readying the app for iOS which will comply with the latest set of regulations, and that the app could be launched early November.

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