Are eSports considered to be sports in the traditional sense of the word? That’s still somewhat up for debate as there are many traditionalists who beg to differ, but at the same time there are many, including universities, who consider eSports to be something that could be worth giving scholarships over.

However could eSports ever grow to the point where it might make it into the Olympics? Some industry veterans think it should, and just last year the Olympic Committee actually acknowledged it as a sporting activity. Now it looks like we could be one step closer to see eSports in the Olympics as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Global Association of International Sports Federations have recently met to discuss that possibility.

Both the IOC and GAISF have brought together 150 representatives from the eSports and gaming scene to meet at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, where one of the topics discussed was whether or not eSports should be included in the Olympics. That being said for those who follow eSports, maybe you shouldn’t hold your breath just yet.

There is still a lot of discussion to be had regarding its inclusion, and the earliest eSports could debut in the Olympics would be in 2024 in Paris, so like we said, there is still quite a bit of waiting to do but it’s encouraging to see that steps are being taken to at the very least consider its inclusion.

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