Many are no doubt curious as to what next-gen consoles could be like. In the case of Microsoft, it seems that for their next-gen Xbox plans, there is a chance that the company could be looking to launch more than one device. This is according to a report from industry insider Paul Thurrott who has in the past accurately predicted these things.

According to Thurrott’s report, he claims that Microsoft could be looking to launch two devices for its next-gen Xbox. One will be your traditional console that will essentially be an upgrade over what is currently offered at the moment. Details are scarce but given that it is still relatively early, we expect that things could change over time.

However the second device is the more interesting of the two as Thurrott claims that the second device will be a streaming box. This shouldn’t be too surprising as earlier this year, Microsoft seemed to hint that they could be getting into game streaming. The approach here would be to create a lower-powered device that could potentially cost less, but at the same time create a subscription-like service which could in theory net the company more money in the long run.

Microsoft would not be the first to look into game streaming as we have been hearing reports that even Google could be interested. Other companies such as Ubisoft have also expressed how game streaming could be the way of the future. In any case we’re probably still years away from seeing next-gen consoles, so do take it with a grain of salt for now.

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