There are some of us who are lucky enough to be able to fall asleep in an instant without much fuss. However there are some of us who from time to time struggle with getting a good night’s sleep, whether it be due to the stress of the day, or the constant worry about the things they have to do tomorrow, and so on.


Now there are plenty of sleep aids out there, but if you’re after a hi-tech solution then you might be interested in PEGASi’s Smart Sleep Glasses II. As the name suggests, this is a pair of smart glasses which is supposed to help its wearer achieve better quality sleep through the use of light therapy.

It uses a specific wavelength of green light that helps to stimulate your nervous system, which in turn will give the signal to regulate the amount of melatonin secreted and ultimately helps improve your sleep. According to the company, this is based on NASA’s research where they used light therapy to improve the sleep quality of astronauts.

The company is also touting how the glasses are small and compact enough to be brought around, meaning that you will be able to use it anytime and anywhere you are at, with PEGASI claiming that it will only take 7 days before you start noticing the changes. It’s an interesting gadget but whether or not it will work as advertised remains to be seen.

However if you don’t mind testing it out for yourself, PEGASI is selling the smart glasses via Kickstarter where an early bird pledge of $99 will nab you the glasses upon successful funding and production which is estimated for August 2018.

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