Google has teamed up with OEMs to launch Smart Displays, its rival to the Amazon Echo. The first Smart Displays have been made by Lenovo and they will soon be available for purchase. It appears that Google may also offer a cheaper alternative to customers who pick up its upcoming Pixel smartphone. An accessory called the “Pixel Stand” might enable the new Google smartphone to essentially double as a smart speaker.


Some evidence has surfaced after the latest version of the Google app beta was decompiled. It contains a few lines of code about a Pixel Stand which mention what users will see on the screen when they dock their handset.

One line of code mentions that if the user allows their smartphone to recognize the Pixel Stand as a trusted dock, they will be able to call up Assistant even when the smartphone is locked. Assistant will then be able to access their information, provide recommendations, and do tasks in response to voice commands much in the way a Google Home device would.

It appears that Google might offer the Pixel Stand as a special wireless charging dock for the Pixel 3 when the handset is released later this year. It would eliminate the need for users to buy a separate smart speaker in the event that they don’t need more than one.

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