Recently you might have heard reports of how Chinese state-run media have leveled accusations and criticisms against Apple for not doing enough to fight against spam, where it seems that iPhone users in the country were receiving messages for illegal content such as gambling and pornography.

Now according to a report from Reuters, it seems that China News Service has confirmed that Apple is working with Chinese telcos to find ways to reduce the amount of spam being distributed through its iMessage service. While Apple declined to comment on whether the company was working with local telcos, a spokeswoman said, “We’ve been working to reduce the issue of spam for quite some time.”

It is unclear as to how Apple plans on blocking spam, but the company doesn’t really have much of a system in place. iMessage allows users to block numbers, but given that it isn’t too difficult for spammers to spoof numbers or register new ones, it does seem like a endless game of cat and mouse.

Interestingly enough this is a problem that Apple is also experiencing in India where the local government has been trying to get Apple to approve an app that would fight against spam. Apple had initially denied their request citing privacy concerns, but faced with the possibility of getting banned, Apple has reportedly given in.

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