Mass Effect: Andromeda was not the successor to the original Mass Effect trilogy that many had hoped for. The game was admittedly a bit disappointing which led to reports that the Mass Effect franchise had been put on hold, which BioWare has since reassured fans that the franchise is still very much alive and well.

However with BioWare clearly focusing on Anthem which will be the company’s latest IP to date, what will become of Mass Effect? Has it been temporarily shelved? For those who are worried about the game, fret not because according to BioWare’s General Manager Casey Hudson, the studio is still working on Mass Effect.

Revealed as part of BioWare’s mid-summer update, Hudson said, “And yes – we hear loud and clear the interest in BioWare doing more Dragon Age and Mass Effect, so rest assured that we have some teams hidden away working on some secret stuff that I think you’ll really like – we’re just not ready to talk about any of it for a little while…”

Like BioWare has stated in the past, the Mass Effect franchise is not dead, but it is reassuring to know that the studio is still working on it while working on Anthem. Presumably they don’t have all their resources dedicated to it which means that it could be a while before we see or hear anything, so until then fans will just have to remain patient.

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