Google continues to add new features to Chrome OS and it’s certainly more powerful now than it was just a couple of years ago. A much awaited feature might finally make its way to the cloud-based operating system in the near future if a report is to be believed. It appears that Google is working on adding facial recognition support to Chrome OS.


It can often be frustrating to log into a Chrome OS-powered device using a PIN or even through Smart Lock on a mobile device. Facial recognition will make the process of controlling access to the device much easier, not to mention much faster. Some evidence has been discovered in the code which suggests that Google is developing the facial recognition feature for Chrome OS.

There’s mention of the Intel Face Engine which might be what the company uses to drive this functionality on Chrome OS devices. It may require special hardware, though, for this to work since the implementation with just the front facing camera wouldn’t really be that secure.

Google hasn’t said anything about facial recognition for Chrome OS at this point in time but if it’s set to debut this feature in the near future, smart money would be on facial recognition being introduced to Chrome OS with its next generation Pixelbook.

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