It has been a well-established fact that drones are useful for all kinds of situations, whether it be for creative purposes or even for industrial use. We’ve also seen how drones can be used to help keep birds from flying near airports to prevent any accidents, and now it looks like drones could also be used to help fight against illegal fishing.


In a report from CNN, Moroccan technology startup ATLAN Space has revealed that they are developing AI that will be used with drones. These drones, powered by AI, will be used to scan large areas for “environmental crimes” which includes illegal fishing, poaching, or even deforestation.

The drone will be fed information about areas that are known to be hotspots for illegal fishing, and will surveil the area. It will also be capable of identifying boats that it spots, and will be able to tell if that boat is operating in a protected area, and whether it is a cruise, a tanker, or a fishing vessel, and if it is a fishing vessel.

It if is the latter, it will also be able to tell if it is an authorized fishing vessel, and if it isn’t, it will register the boat’s location, identification number, the number of people on board, and send the information to authorities.

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