The gaming landscape has changed over the years. Back in the day gaming was limited to arcade machines, then came home consoles, then we also got PCs that became more capable of gaming, then we have our mobile phones, and then there are also talks about how augmented and virtual reality can play a role in the future of gaming.

However according to EA, they seem to think that maybe smart TVs could be the future of gaming as well. Speaking to Games Industry, EA’s Executive Vice President of Strategic Growth Matt Bilbey suggested that smart TVs could be the key to the future of gaming, where customers who game through smart TVs will allow companies such as EA to better understand and recommend future games to customers.

“Distribution of smart TVs is huge. If we’re able to put an application on that smart TV, whether its Origin or Access, you buy into that subscription or a la carte–a family offering similar to Netflix in that sense–then we’re actually able to use the understanding of how you’re playing those games to recommend other games within that portfolio to you, whether that’s family games, core games, depending on your age, depending on how you like to play.”

However Bilbey doesn’t think that consoles will be going away anytime soon, and he also suggests that streaming could also be huge, especially when you pair it with a smart TV that will let anyone with a smart TV stream games if they want to. It is an intriguing idea but whether or not this future will happen remains to be seen.

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