One of the appeals of the Super Smash Bros. franchise is that it takes various characters from a variety of video games and tosses them together in one huge brawler. There are characters from Nintendo’s own franchises, naturally, but there are also characters from Konami games, Bandai Namco, and so on.

This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that there are some Fortnite players who are hoping to see Jonesy make an appearance in the game. This idea was suggested by Redditor KingKeep who created the image above as a mockup of what Jonesy could look like if he were added to Nintendo’s upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The post has been upvoted 2,100 times and and thread is filled with comments and posts supporting the idea, as well as chiming in with various suggestions on what Jonesy’s powers and abilities could be in the game. Of course whether or not this will happen remains to be seen. After all it did take Nintendo a very long time before Metroid’s Ridley was added to the game.

However given Fortnite’s popularity which doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, capitalizing on it might not be such a bad idea. This would also not mark the first time that gamers have petitioned Nintendo to add their favorite characters to the franchise. Earlier this year Microsoft’s Phil Spencer said that he would allow for characters Banjo and Kazooie to make an appearance in the game.

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