The much-awaited sixth season of Netflix’s hit show House of Cards will be released in a couple of months. The online streaming giant today confirmed the release date for House of Cards season 6. The premiere date is just ahead of the midterm elections in the United States. The sixth season also happens to be the final season of this hit show.

Production of the show was halted for a few months last year after the lead actor Kevin Spacey was accused of sexual assault. Not long after Netflix halted production of the show, it also removed the actor entirely from House of Cards.

Given the events of the previous season, Netflix was probably able to move ahead with the story in the final season which will focus on the character of Claire Underwood and her presidency. Much of the focus had already been shifted to this character in the previous season.

It remains to be seen, though, how Spacey’s Frank Underwood will ultimately be written out of the show. Netflix today confirmed that the final season of House of Cards is going to premiere on November 2nd. In true Netflix fashion, all episodes will be available for streaming on that very day.

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