When it comes to comparing phones against each other, it’s hard to leave Apple’s iPhones out of the equation. This is because many often rightfully wonder how Apple’s expensive iPhones hold up against more affordable Android options. For those wondering about the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and how it fares against the iPhone X, wonder no more.

As expected the folks at PhoneBuff have put together a video that shows how the Note 9 compares against the iPhone X in a speed test. Naturally both phones do feature different hardware specs, although it should be noted that at least in the RAM department, the Note 9 has double the amount compared to the iPhone X, which in theory would mean that it should be able to handle app switching easily.

The first round which saw the launching of apps resulted in the iPhone X winning with a time of 2 mins 9 seconds, versus the Note 9 which took 2 minutes and 15 seconds, but not a terribly long lead. However the second round which saw the phones reopen recently closed apps, that’s where the Note 9’s 6GB of RAM came in handy.

This resulted in the Note 9 completing the second round in 45 seconds, whereas the iPhone X took almost twice as long with a time of 1 minute 20 seconds. That being said, does this necessarily mean that the Note 9 is “better”? There are other things to consider like design, OS, apps, and etc., but if speed is a priority, then the Note 9 could be worth considering.

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