While LEGO sets can be bought based around a certain theme, like the Death Star, or the home from The Simpsons, and so on, part of the fun is taking all the bricks of different shapes and sizes and coming up with something of your own. LEGO has recently perfectly demonstrated that when they managed to build a fully drivable Bugatti Chiron using LEGO Technic parts.

According to LEGO, over 1 million Technic elements were used to construct the entire vehicle, and that there were 339 types of Technic elements used. The company also claims that no glue was used during the assembly process. Now you might be thinking that this is just a shell and that under the hood, the original engine of the car is being used. Nope, think again.

According to LEGO, the engine of the car was built using 2,304 LEGO Power Functions motors, 4,032 LEGO Technic gear wheels, and 2,016 LEGO Technic cross axles. Granted it doesn’t quite have the same performance as an actual Bugatti Chiron, but considering that it was all made of LEGO parts is already a very impressive feat by itself.

The company estimates that 13,438 man hours were used in the development and construction process. For those who want to check out the LEGO Bugatti Chiron in action, check out the video above.

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