Apple’s recent Q3 2018 financials have revealed that the company made $53.3 billion in revenue. This is a lot of money also represents Apple’s largest Q3 financials to date. However it seems that most of the money being generated aren’t from Apple’s Mac computers because as ZDNet observed, Mac sales are actually at a seven year low.

According to Apple’s own figures, Mac sales dropped to 3.72 million units which is a 13% drop compared to the same quarter last year. It is unclear why Mac sales have done so bad this particular quarter, but it has been speculated that it could be due to a lack of a refresh, and possibly also the pricing of Apple’s MacBook Pro laptops with Touch Bar.

While the MacBook Air represents a more affordable option, the lineup hasn’t been refreshed in more than a year, and last we heard the refresh might only arrive later this year. There are also issues with the keyboard of the MacBook Pro in which lawsuits have been filed against the company over it, which in turn could have put potential customers off from buying it.

On the desktop front, Apple did trot out the iMac Pro but once again its pricing has put it out of reach for the average non-professional customer. The iMac has also not been refreshed for more than a year, which might be causing some customers to hold out for the next refresh. That being said, now that the MacBook Pro lineup has been refreshed and rumors of an iMac and MacBook Air refresh for later this year, perhaps Apple’s next quarter might look better on the Mac front.

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