We’ve all been frustrated at our tech. We’ve all probably been guilty of throwing our console controllers down in frustration, or slapping our televisions or computers when they don’t work properly, but have you ever been so frustrated that you punch someone else? Turns out that someone has.

According to a report from Coconuts Bangkok (via AppleInsider), a man identified as Kritpan Kitjit punched a saleswoman at an Apple reseller after Face ID on his iPhone X apparently wouldn’t scan his face. The saleswoman checked the phone and discovered it was in perfect working condition, and told him that under the store’s policies, they would not be able to refund or replace it.

That’s when the man got angry and caused a scene at the store, and where he also apparently tried to get into the shop’s storage room to take a photo of the store’s manager to report to the Consumer Protection Board. The saleswoman tried to block him from entering, after which a CCTV footage showed him shoving her aside before punching her in the face.

Kritpan has since voluntarily turned himself into the police where he made a public apology to the woman. He has since been fined THB5,000 ($150) for causing bodily harm. He also paid an additional THB50,000 ($1,500) to the saleswoman in compensation.

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