While new games are undoubtedly fun, for those who are looking to relive some classics, you might be interested to learn that publisher Hamster has recently relaunched Metal Slug 4 onto modern day consoles, bringing the classic arcade game onto consoles like the PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.


The game was originally launched back in 2002 where it was initially available in the arcade and the Neo Geo platform, but fast forward 16 years later, the game can now be replayed on modern consoles. There are no upgrades in terms of graphics, at least not much, so expect the same graphic style as you did back in the day, which we suppose adds to its charm.

There are some changes to the game, such as how players can now get the ability to transform into a monkey which will provide them with more agility, although the downside is that it takes away from your firepower. There is also the ability to dual wield the Heavy Machine Gun, and there will also be new Slugs introduced to the game.

The game is available across the consoles we mentioned above, but for the PS4 it seems to be limited to Japan, whereas the Xbox One and Switch versions will be available worldwide where it is priced at around $8.

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