In a couple of days, Nikon’s new mirrorless cameras will be officially announced. There is a lot of hype and anticipation surrounding these devices because let’s face it, Nikon’s previous mirrorless outings have been less than spectacular, but that is expected to change with their new Z-series.

That being said, Nikon has since published a new teaser video which shows various professional photographers in the field giving their impressions of the camera. For the most part this is marketing fluff where obviously the photographers featured have something good to say about the camera.

However there are some interesting portions in the teaser, where at one point it shows a photographer scrolling through the photos in the camera by tapping on the screen, indicating that we can expect a touchscreen display. Another part of the video has a photographer mention how current F-mount lenses can be used with the camera.

This seems to lineup with earlier reports that suggest that the new cameras will come with a free F-mount adapter. There are also mentions of how it feels like a DSLR, but is lighter, which is also in line with a leak which compares the upcoming Nikon mirrorless cameras with existing cameras, where it is bigger than some mirrorless cameras, but is smaller than Nikon’s DSLRs, like the D850.

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