There are many things that go into deciding how long passes in between product releases. For example it could be due to cost where smaller companies might have a harder time trying to get products out to the market. However the good news for Sonos fans is that if you’re hoping to see more products from the company, you’re in luck.

Sonos has recently become a publicly-traded company which means that the company not only has themselves to answer to, but their shareholders and investors. While this might sound daunting, Sonos seems to be taking it in stride and according to the company’s chief product officer, Nick Millington, this should result in faster product releases.

Speaking to Engadget, Millington was quoted as saying, “In the last year, we have definitely focused on increasing our velocity of product development and product releases. I’m really proud of having launched the Playbase , the Sonos One and now the Beam in a relatively short period of time.”

Of course faster doesn’t mean better as it could mean products rushed to the market just to make investors happy (we’ve seen many instances where this has backfired), but in case you want to see more from Sonos in the future, it looks like that’s something you can expect moving forwards.

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