The other day when Nintendo held its Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct conference in which they revealed new characters that would be added to the game, towards the end of the presentation they showed the menu of the game, and as you can see in the screenshot above, one section of the game’s menu had been blurred out.


This is presumably because this is another mode of the game that Nintendo has yet to officially reveal, but according to Twitter user @noctulescent (via Nintendo Life), he/she seems to have figured out what it might have been hiding. Apparently the menu is hiding the Japanese characters “スピリッツ”, which when translated means “spirits”.

However that doesn’t really tell us anything because what does “spirits” mean in context to the game? There is speculation that this could be related to the trailer in which Simon and Richter Belmont were officially announced, in which Luigi was “killed” and his spirit was almost taken away by death. Could this be some kind of campaign/story mode that Nintendo will be adding to the game?

Given how Super Smash Bros. Ultimate seems more of a multiplayer game than anything, it might seem strange for there to be a campaign mode. However Nintendo did introduce a campaign mode to Mario Tennis Aces, so we don’t see why they couldn’t (or wouldn’t) add one to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as well.

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