The majority of keyboards, both regular and mechanical, have been designed for Windows-based PCs in mind. This means that when it comes to Mac users looking for a new keyboard, there are little options available, or in some cases they will have to compromise by having the wrong legends.

However a company by the name of Vinpok has decided that enough is enough and has since launched the Taptek. This is a keyboard that they claim has been designed for Mac users in mind, although they also acknowledge that it can be used by any device thanks to the fact that it features wireless connectivity which lets users switch between multiple devices on the fly.

The fact that it is wireless is also an added bonus since there aren’t too many wireless mechanical keyboards in the market today. The layout of the keyboard also suggests that this will be a tenkeyless model, so if you need a number pad you will need to look elsewhere (such as the Hexgear X-1).

It also features a low profile design so if you that’s the kind of feel you prefer, this might be the keyboard for you. Unfortunately Vinpok does not mention what kind of switches it uses other than to say it feels similar to Cherry. They also do not mention pricing or availability, but if you’re interested you can register your email to be notified when it is available for purchase.

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