Google’s new music streaming service called YouTube Music was launched earlier this year. Its library of songs matches the likes of Spotify and Apple Music. YouTube Music takes things one step further by leveraging the vast collection of music videos on YouTube as well but many users didn’t like that a lot of features that they expected from the streaming service were missing. Google has now confirmed that it’s going to make feature improvements to YouTube Music every two weeks.

YouTube Music was missing some very basic features at launch, such as the ability to sort saved albums alphabetically. It wasn’t even possible to browse music by genre, which is kind of an important feature for a music streaming service.

Google is aware that many simple features that are expected of a streaming service are missing and it has a plan to address the matter. It has confirmed to Engadget that feature improvements for YouTube Music will be released on a regular schedule every two weeks.

The improvements will include user interface changes as well which will add the ability to sort albums alphabetically. Android users particularly asked for the ability to store music on external storage and this feature is now being rolled out. YouTube Music will also provide an option to select audio quality for streaming and downloading in a couple of weeks.

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