Mechanical keyboards are a dime a dozen and we imagine that it is probably getting harder for keyboard makers to make their products stand out from the competition. Das Keyboards had an idea a couple of years ago, which was to launch what they called “smart” keyboards that were connected to the cloud.

This came in the form of the Das Keyboard 5Q, which for those who are interested is now available for purchase along with the X50Q, which is more or less the same keyboard and shares the same features, except with some minor differences here and there, namely the fact that it does away with the control knob at the top right corner of the keyboard, and also how it seems to be more geared towards gamers.

For those who are learning about these keyboards for the first time, basically these keyboards can be programmed, and we’re not talking about dedicated macro keys, but literally every key can be programmed to light up which acts as a notification. For example you could set certain keys to light up when you get an email, or get a message.

As for the actual specs of the keyboard itself, the 5Q and X50Q are both full-sized keyboards and both will feature wrist rests and support for full RGB backlighting. They will also feature the use of Gamma Zulu switches which are rated for 100 million actuations. In terms of pricing, the 5Q will retail for $249, while the X50Q will be priced at $199.

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