There’s more to look forward to for Final Fantasy fans. It was confirmed last week that Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD will soon be released for the Nintendo Switch. It has now been revealed that this isn’t the only title coming to Nintendo’s console in the future. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is being ported over to the Switch as well as the PlayStation 4.


Square Enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is going to be released for the Nintendo Switch next year. The title will be headed to a Sony console for the first time as well since it’s due to arrive on the PlayStation 4 too.

The arrival of this popular GameCube original for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 was confirmed by Square Enix through a tweet. A video teaser is included as well so that fans can remember this title if they haven’t played it in a long while.

Since it has been branded as the remastered edition of this title, it’s possible that it could get some new features as well. Square Enix hasn’t confirmed it as yet but fans would certainly be looking forward to get online play in addition to local multiplayer which would make it a lot easier and more fun to play the game with friends.

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