Not too long ago Google launched Routines for Google Assistant. For those unfamiliar, Routines basically allows users to group together several commands which can be activated all at once, meaning that you could turn on the lights, adjust the thermostat, get the coffee going, and turn on the TV with a single spoken command.


Unfortunately it has been reported that Routines seems to be broken for those using third-party Google Assistant-enabled speakers. These reports are being posted on Reddit and Google’s own support forums. It seems to only affect those using third-party speakers as the post on Reddit notes that using the Google Home does not result in any issue.

Some who have tried to reach out to Google have been told to contact the manufacturer of their products. It is unclear as to what might be causing the issues, but some have suggested that it could be a server-side issue on Google’s end. Note that while Google Home devices do seem to be largely unaffected, there are some users who have pointed out that there are sporadic issues with Routines in the past two weeks, suggesting that even Google’s Home devices are not exempt from this.

Until an explanation is offered, like we said it’s anyone’s guess as to what the issue could be, so users will have to sit tight and hope that it gets sorted out either via a server-side fix or maybe a software patch.

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