Going truly wireless with earphones seems to be the trend these days. With more handset makers ditching the headphone jack, users now need to start seeking out wireless alternatives lest they want to live the dongle life. Now there are several such earphones in the market already, but if you liked Samsung’s Gear IconX, then you might be interested to learn that a successor could be in the works.


According to a recent trademark filing, it appears that Samsung has filed for a trademark for a device called the “Samsung Buds”. Now this could be anything, but there is speculation that seems to believe that these could potentially refer to new wireless earbuds. Some might wonder about the Gear IconX branding that has persisted over the years, but as we have seen with Samsung’s recently launched Galaxy Watch (which had previously used the Gear branding), the company is open to rebranding existing lineups.

In any case it’s hard to tell when these headphones might be launched but given that Samsung has pretty much announced all of its major products for 2018, there’s a good chance we might only see these headphones in 2019, possibly alongside the Galaxy S10 which has been rumored for a launch at CES next year. Either way we’ll keep our eyes peeled so check back with us at a later date for more details.

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