Wondering whether your old Apple Pencil will work with your brand new iPad Pro? You’re out of luck. You’ll have to purchase a new stylus for your new tablet. It will not be possible to use the first generation Apple Pencil with this generation of the iPad Pro.

The new iPad Pro unveiled today is Apple’s first tablet to ship with a USB Type-C port. It no longer has a Lightning port. The previous Apple Pencil had to be charged through the Lightning Port which isn’t present on this device.

The iPad Pro can now charge the Apple Pencil wirelessly. Magnets attach the stylus to the side of the tablet from where it’s charged wirelessly. That’s not the only major difference between the two generations of Pencil. The original one can’t be used with this new iPad while the newest Apple Pencil can’t be used with earlier iPad Pro models.

Customers who have grown accustomed to using the Apple Pencil or require on it extensively to get work done on the move, then they should keep in mind that they have to budget for the new Apple Pencil as well when picking up the new iPad Pro. It costs $129. In case you’re wondering, the new Apple Pencil costs $30 more than its predecessor.

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