Earlier this year Opera launched its Touch browser for Android. For iOS users who might be feeling left out, you’ll be pleased to learn that Opera has since announced that its Touch browser will now be available for iOS devices where the company is hoping to convince iOS users to make the swap from Safari to Opera Touch.

Third-party browsers aren’t exactly new, so what makes Touch so different from the rest? According to Opera, some of the advantages of Touch is that it has been designed and optimized for one handed use. Given the size of our phones, especially the iPhone Xs Max’s 6.5-inch display, being able to use it with one hand is impossible or difficult, which is why Opera wants to change that with Touch.

They are also making it “faster” by putting certain features at the front. For example the browser will launch in search mode with the keyboard launched, saving users a few steps. The core menu of the browser has also been moved to the bottom making it easy to reach with one hand. It will also have the ability to sync with your desktop’s browser, so you can pick up where you left off. The browser will also come with a built-in ad blocker and cryptojacking protection.

If all of this sounds like a browser you’d like to use, head on over to the App Store to get your hands on it.

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