Keyboards are input devices that we type on, but as we have seen from the very passionate mechanical keyboard community, keyboards aren’t “just” keyboards. However the folks at Das Keyboard might have taken things even further by launching its latest keyboard, the Das Keyboard 4Q.


With the launch of the 4Q, it expands the company’s Q-series of “smart” keyboards that includes the 5Q that was launched in 2016. With the launch of the 4Q, Das has also announced the launch of the Q marketplace, where developers can share and download open-source Q applets.

For those wondering why a keyboard would need applets, basically with the Q-series of keyboards, Das has created keyboards that are “smarter” where users can stream information from the web to their keyboard. For example users can use the RGB lighting in the keyboard to notify them of certain things, like new emails, messages, changes in stock prices, an auction that you’re bidding on that’s coming to an end, and so on. Das has also highlighted how it could also be used to control our connected devices, like adjusting lighting and thermostats.

As for the keyboard itself, the 4Q is a full-sized mechanical keyboard. It will feature the use of Cherry MX Brown switches and will also come with individual backlit keys. It does not come cheap at $200 and for those who are interested, head on over to the company’s website for more details.

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