With the Final Fantasy VII Remake having been announced a few years ago, we haven’t really heard much about the game since, which unsurprisingly has led to some wondering when the game will be released, and whether or not development is actually going on, or could Square Enix have shelved it?

However the good news is that things are progressing nicely, at least according to the game’s producer Tetsuya Nomura who revealed the information to Famitsu during a Dissidia Final Fantasy anniversary event. According to Nomura, “As I said during E3, development is going favorably. I just wanted to say that the current PR priority is Kingdom Hearts 3, as it was during the ARTNIA event the other day, but after that it’ll be Final Fantasy VIII Remake, so please don’t worry.”

As Nomura had stated back in E3 earlier this year, the team is currently focused on developing Kingdom Hearts 3 which is currently scheduled for a release in January 2019, which means that we expect that they will shift gears shortly after that. There is still no word on when the game will be released, but since they are mostly focused on Kingdom Hearts 3, we imagine that they probably aren’t too far along, so gamers will just have to remain patient.

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