One of the features of Apple’s newer iPhones is Portrait Mode. This basically allows users to take a photo with their iPhone where it then applies bokeh to the image to help foreground objects stand out from the background. Apple further enhanced it by allowing users to edit the amount of bokeh after the photo was taken.

However in case you think that Apple’s Photos app isn’t doing a good enough job of allowing you to edit the depth of your images, not to worry as Google has since announced that the Google Photos app for iOS has recently been updated where it will now offer users similar depth control editing tools as well.

This particular feature had been previously rolled out to Android devices last month, so it’s nice to see that it is now available for iOS devices as well. Note that in order to make use of this feature, you will need to take a photo using Portrait mode on your iPhone’s camera. Once you’ve done that, open the photo using Google Photos, hit edit, and you should be able to readjust the focal point in the photo as well as control how much blur you want.

Whether or not you think this might be better than what Apple offers natively depends on you. Perhaps some might prefer the algorithms behind Google Photos, but since Google Photos is free (and serves as a good backup tool for your photos), it could be worth checking out anyway.

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