HTC has announced the HTC VIVE Focus VR headset for Enterprise in San Francisco.  We’re still at the event looking at VR demos, but we can talk about the hardware right now.

The HTC VIVE Focus (official page) is a mobile VR headset built on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Mobile Platform. The VR platform based on this chip is mature and has been available since Feb 2017, but the new HTC headset comes with impressive dual 3K AMOLED  displays, which should make the noticeably sharp.

HTC Vive has also announced an update to the Vive VR Platform SDK. Historically, it was available in Asia for about a year before the rest of the world eventually got in. The update adds features for Enterprise-related issues, along with the usual tweaks and improvements from any standard release.

Because HTC Vive Focus is a mobile VR platform, all the computing is built-in, and there’s no need for cables, and that’s extremely important because up to 20 people can collaborate in the same VR space, some of them possibly from the same room, so avoid messy cables on which people could trip is a must-have.

HTC also has its Vive Sync application, which is a virtual meeting place in which up to 20 people can connect and collaborate in a virtual environment. HTC and their partners are promoting the idea of work collaboration in VR and cited companies such as Volkswagen that is already using Vive as a business tool in various ways, such as simulation/training.

Other applications could include medical staff training, and in the past, we’ve experienced a VR healthcare training app. With Vive Sync, all you need is the VR headset and a subscription to the service.

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